STUDY ABROAD: The 9 Month Countdown

9 months to go and my preparation doesn’t really extend past booking a Doctors appointment. Help me! … More STUDY ABROAD: The 9 Month Countdown


Starting a new job – Quick tips & suggestions!

Buenas noches everyone! I wanted to write a quick little post about starting a new job! I’ve recently been employed as an ‘Assistant in Nursing’ which is a position in Australia that involves assisting the normal nursing and medical staff in many ways, such as basic patient care, answering patient call buzzers, measuring and documenting … More Starting a new job – Quick tips & suggestions!

¡Hola! How do I learn this language!? QUE?

Buenos dias lovely people. I wanted to write today about my first impressions of learning a language seriously, instead of just in high school as a repetitive class. Although I haven’t yet started back at Uni for this year, the notifications of documents, subject outlines and such have flooded my online student profile, overwhelming my … More ¡Hola! How do I learn this language!? QUE?

Clinical Placements – My thoughts!

I wanted to broach today the subject of clinical placement within a medical degree. This is an extremely important part of these studies, especially considering the fact that the majority of learning for healthcare is (I believe) done while in a real life, real person, real hospital/ward/theatre situation! Of course University is brilliant, and what we learn theoretically enables the practice, but practice is what actually makes you a competent practitioner.
More Clinical Placements – My thoughts!