The Difficult Topics.

Gay marriage.. Euthanasia… Vaccination.. Circumcision….. Religion. Why is it so difficult for us as humans to tackle these topics? Recently I was in a class that confronted these topics among relative strangers. We were given the task of conversing about them, and sharing our opinions, while being sensitive to others around us to avoid possibilities … More The Difficult Topics.

Starting a new job – Quick tips & suggestions!

Buenas noches everyone! I wanted to write a quick little post about starting a new job! I’ve recently been employed as an ‘Assistant in Nursing’ which is a position in Australia that involves assisting the normal nursing and medical staff in many ways, such as basic patient care, answering patient call buzzers, measuring and documenting … More Starting a new job – Quick tips & suggestions!

Clinical Placements – My thoughts!

I wanted to broach today the subject of clinical placement within a medical degree. This is an extremely important part of these studies, especially considering the fact that the majority of learning for healthcare is (I believe) done while in a real life, real person, real hospital/ward/theatre situation! Of course University is brilliant, and what we learn theoretically enables the practice, but practice is what actually makes you a competent practitioner.
More Clinical Placements – My thoughts!

Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) – Nursing & Medical Students

I just wanted to let all of my fellow Nursing and Medical students out there know about this MHFA for Nursing & Medical Students  ! This is a great course that Mental Health First Aid Australia provide to students around Australia, in particular students of a healthcare field. Providing both general and in depth information on … More Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) – Nursing & Medical Students