WEDDING RECEPTIONS; What I’ve learnt after working at hundreds

The little details of the colour scheme, the cake, bonbonnieres… are we going to have kids at the reception? What food should we eat? Will the speeches be before or after the main meal, and should we cut the cake later or earlier in the night? What music??? Will Grandma’s wheelchair have space?

It’s never-ending for some conscientious married couples-to-be. Having worked at, and supervised hundreds of wedding receptions, I can provide some insider tips that might ease the hassle.

1. The BIGGEST tip – Don’t over-stress, don’t overdo it!

It’s a magical day, or at least it’s meant to be. I’ve seen so many receptions that have been tailored to the nth degree; timing must be on point, each table must have a menu card for each person with specific name cards and unique favours… Of course, it’s lovely, but remember that the reception is only a few hours long and it should be worth more than the money you spend!

Once you step foot into your reception, sit back, eat, talk, drink, laugh and relax. It’s the night to celebrate you and your love. When else does that happen?

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2. DJ? MC?

Make sure to take some time in considering your playlist; what are some of your favourite songs as a couple, do you like retro funk or modern pop? If you choose to have a dancing segment, make sure to think of a few of these to include, getting everyone up to the D-floor!

Some couples also choose to nominate their own, personal MC, or ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for the night. While this can be touching and a personal note to the night, please make sure you choose someone confident and willing! The last thing you want is your cousin aka MC for the night getting blind drunk because they’re too nervous to speak!

Hiring MC’s, or utilising the one that may come with your package is best in my opinion. If you would like them to add some personal flair, related to you, there is always the opportunity of raising this will the co-ordinator you’ll be working closely with.

3. Fifty tiered cake AND dessert? No.

Don’t spend over $100 on a cake if no one is going to eat it / if you’re having a 3-course meal (and a lolly buffet). The amount of beautiful wedding cake I’ve had to throw out makes me tier-y to this day! (ha ha)

Lolly buffet – not only a favourite with the kids! 

If you do decide to go all out, make sure to ask about boxing the cake up, or providing wedding cake bags for guests to take home with them; therefore, you’re not wasting money! Most people are quite full by the time that the cake is cut up and placed on the tables, so I believe the cake bag favour idea is the best.

My favourite EVER cake… if you’re looking for ideas.

4. Comfy shoes! For you, and the guests

If I see someone not wearing shoes, I’m obliged to be annoying and ask them one hundred times to put them back on. Even if you’re on the dance floor, I’ll find you. So many glasses break every night at my work, and I’ve personally had to remove this glass from a slightly tipsy person’s foot more than once.

As well as this, especially for the ladies of the bridal party, those shoes are beautiful but darn uncomfortable! Think about bringing a replacement of flats for later! No one is going to look at your feet when the lights dim, and you can dance around in the comfort of even your favourite slippers.

One of the best ideas I have seen was a wooden box full of comfy, cheap, Kmart flats for guests to use as they please throughout the night. That night didn’t see me grabbing at the tweezers to evacuate some glass!

5. RSA- Responsible Service of Alcohol (aka ridiculous silliness of adults)

Everyone wants to have a great time, but please avoid over-drinking, and let your guests be aware of this as well. Cleaning up vomit isn’t fun for us, your guests, or you if you’re exposed to it on your wedding day/night.

A good idea is to nominate someone other than yourselves to be the responsible adult I can go to when things are getting a little bit dicey. Usually, this is your dad, grandpa or uncle, one of the blokes that can go up to a guest and casually let them know they might want to drink a bit of water.

Trust me; it makes for a better night for everyone!




These are my top 5 tips for now, but any lovey-dovey couples – let me know if you have any other questions! I hope your wedding day, and night is as beautiful and worth the money as some that I’ve seen and had the pleasure of being a part of.



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