HIS BOY ELROY – For dinner …

¡Hola bonitos!

Today I wanted to give a little review of a trendy spot in Wollongong that has recently moved locations. His Boy Elroy was one of Wollongong’s first explorations into the evolving CBD for foodies, sitting in the aged yet notary Globe Lane. The iconic sliding wooden panel door became a testament to the changing face of the city.

The move from Globe Lane to Keira Street as a result of the new plans for David Jones expansion in early 2017 caused an outcry within the community, however their success has followed them to their new destination. A new face of the bar/restaurant has evolved from the ashes of Globe Lane, into what can only be surmised as an American-style bar that has a fusion of Australian pub.

View of the long panel bar, two televisions of sport, and iconic establishment name

His Boy Elroy’s co-owner commented in the Illawarra Mercury prior to the move that 2017 is set to be the establishment’s ‘’best year yet” (Illawarra Mercury 2016), and from my experience of a crazy busy friday night crowd, I agree.

The music here is not the main event. Nor are the drinks, food or lightbulb decor. His Boy Elroy communicates what evolving Australian modernity is – a bar and a restaurant in the package of a high class pub, a place where I would want to come with friends, with a partner, or wind up at if I was a tourist.

Some important instalments of minimalism 

The menu proclaims America in Australia dishes of burgers, a hot dog, fries, and creative side dishes. Fried chicken and brisket are featured for those who wish to indulge in meats, and as always, drinks take up a page, and a seperate menu of their own. Featuring a variety of craft beer, cocktails, wine & non-alcoholic beverages (think more than just your average soft drink!), this is a place for gatherings, a meeting of friends, a meeting of colleagues and everything in between.

A page of the drinks menu – Cocktails 
I decided on the green apple ‘Jane’ cocktail 

I actually went to dinner with my parents following a day of work & uni. We relaxed with our respective beverages; a cocktail for Mum & I, and a craft beer for dad, while waiting for our burgers. I ended up ordering the ‘His Dog’ – a unique hot dog topped with quintessential cheese, pickles, mustard, tomato sauce and onions. My parents ordered ‘The Sandy’ and ‘The Duke’. Sides of onion rings accompanied by the artisan in house sauce and sweet potato fries were also ordered, and quickly devoured.

‘His Dog’ with sweet potato fries (one of which being nabbed by my Mother)

I’m now wondering when I can go back to try more cocktails, fried chicken and some of the amazing looking sides (i.e. Mac N Cheese!). I believe HBE has done a marvelous job whilst having been dealt a poor card as a result of development. The service was excellent and the staff looked like they loved working there which always improves an experience!

I applaud the co-owners for their innovation that assisted in the kickstarting of Wollongong’s evolution over the past several years as a town a foodie can be proud of. I wish them all the success this year and look forward to seeing the restaurant/bar in all it’s yummyness soon!



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