Starting a new job – Quick tips & suggestions!

Buenas noches everyone!

I wanted to write a quick little post about starting a new job! I’ve recently been employed as an ‘Assistant in Nursing’ which is a position in Australia that involves assisting the normal nursing and medical staff in many ways, such as basic patient care, answering patient call buzzers, measuring and documenting vital signs and a few other things! As a second year nursing student this year and after completing 120 hours of clinical placement, I am qualified to have this position from my experience and learning completed so far. I encourage all nursing students to look into this as it helps so much with learning and getting a new grad job among other things!

ANYWAYS a little dot point list applicable to many jobs one may encounter:

  • Even if you’re not the most confident person (I’m definitely not!) walk into the workplace with a mind of positive thoughts. Positive thinking really isn’t just a self-help book facade; it impacts on the way you interact, your morale, the way you will approach the job and learning what you need to be doing.
  • Another cliché: ask all the questions! Truly! I know it’s annoying and if you’re an introvert it is a really hard thing to do, but it makes it so much easier later when you come to do the same thing again… and even if you don’t remember a second time, ask again! You never want to do the wrong thing, especially if it’s in a career that is medical, or high stress.
  • Dress and accessorise appropriately – Unfortunately first impressions do count to a point, even if it’s for a few seconds! Don’t lose a personal style if it makes you feel uncomfortable; wear an odd pair of socks, a secret necklace, or something else to help you feel like YOU when you really don’t!
  • Introduce yourself to your employees, and make sure to ask their names, and ask again! Much like the question thing, it is hard to remember names when your adrenaline may be at an all time high! Don’t be afraid to be upfront and ask again.
  • Don’t shy away from your boss, manager, or those higher up than you. These people were once where you stand, and they are the best equipped (hopefully!) to answer your questions!
  • Pack accordingly for your shift – make sure you know what you’re going in for and how long you’ll be there! Eat well in the morning or whenever before your shift is, bring some good comforting food to the shift, and hydrate! Don’t caffeine yourself up too much as well… don’t want a migraine in the middle of a shift.
  • Overcommunicate. As well as asking questions, get to know people and the dynamic of the workplace. You may as well slot yourself in where you can, have lunch with someone, make small talk and let them get to know you as well, making them more willing to teach and you less nervous overall. It’s nice to have at least one face you know when you walk in on your second shift.

    And that’s basically all that I can think of for the moment! I wish you all good luck within the career crazy world we live in. Make sure to leave comments with tips and tricks of your own.

    Hasta pronto!




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