¡Hola! How do I learn this language!? QUE?

Buenos dias lovely people. I wanted to write today about my first impressions of learning a language seriously, instead of just in high school as a repetitive class. Although I haven’t yet started back at Uni for this year, the notifications of documents, subject outlines and such have flooded my online student profile, overwhelming my still holiday focused mind!

Despite this, I truly want to become as proficient as I can in Spanish before I move there in a few years time. This brings me to my question; How does one achieve this? I’ve already been questioning my memory, ability to rote learn (but do I want to rote learn? are there patterns?), my speaking ability and possibility to pronounce, among others! I question this now and attempt to learn the basics prior to actually starting classes, as to minimise the impact that tertiary language learning (even at a basic level) will have on my uno en ingles brain!

I wanted to know if there was anyone who could give me any tips or tricks, so off to the internet I went. I found several youtube and blogging websites that gave some tricks, but it was most of the same; practice, immerse, practice! Possibly I’m being too melodramatic, but I feel like if I get it right and have the correct practices from the very beginning, I can increase my chances of becoming beautifully fluent when I come back after a year.

No matter how much I may regret it after 4 hours of tutorials with copious amounts of work each week, I know that at the end, I’ll be grateful when someone asks if I know more than just English!

I hope someone can provide me with some tips, or anything that they found useful in learning a second language. Chao for now! Hasta pronto¡



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