Juvia’s Place – Saharan Palette

*JUST QUICKLY – I am not by any means a makeup artist, or even skilled in makeup! It’s something I just like to do to make myself happy and alleviate stress!*

Hello hello, happy Oscars day! I wanted to write about my AMAZING experience with the Juvia’s Place  newest eyeshadow palette, The Saharan Palette. Although I just noticed that it is sold out right now, I’m sure that they are restocking as we speak! Maybe it being out of stock will give you a bit of time to save the money to purchase it, unlike I did. However, impulse buying actually paid off in this case!

This palette retails for $28 USD, which is around $36 AUD. To me, this is quite reasonable for a high quality eyeshadow palette that features 12 unique shades; 4 matte, and 8 shimmery, buttery, beautiful and pigmented metallics ! Even with the shipping costs to Australia (an extra $20 ish), I do not in any way regret this purchase.

Amazing colours, not damaged by the cross continental travel!
The Saharan Palette layout & decor

As you can see by just looking at the palette, it encompasses a slew of everyday tones -matte brown ‘Katsina’, red ‘Jamila’, baby pink ‘Zoya’… as well as more bold options such as the bright yellow gold ‘Wodaabe’, rose gold ‘Bororo’, and the blue/black duochrome ‘Kia’, amongst others!

As a fair skinned gal, I’m happy to say that these show up beautifully on my skin, and way darker! Juvia’s place aims to be highly inclusive to all skin tones which is amazing! I’ll finish with the moment you’ve all been waiting for; swatches!

Sokoto (matte red) – Zoya (champagne pink) – Chad (matte black)
Wodaabe (yellow gold metallic) – Iman (loose white metallic) – Katsina (light brown matte)
Bororo (rose gold metallic) – Jamila (orange/red matte) – Lulu (salmon pink metallic)
Kia (brown based blue black duochrome metallic) – Senegal (bright orange gold metallic) – Fula (bright neon pink metallic)

All in all, I highly recommend this palette to both professionals and beginners like me! I also wanted to thank NikkieTutorials for introducing this palette to me, and of COURSE, Juvia’s Place for creating it! I can’t wait to try more of their beautiful makeup.

Let me know how you all like it 🙂








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