STUDY ABROAD: The 9 Month Countdown

9 months to go and my preparation doesn’t really extend past booking a Doctors appointment. Help me! … More STUDY ABROAD: The 9 Month Countdown


WEDDING RECEPTIONS; What I’ve learnt after working at hundreds

The little details of the colour scheme, the cake, bonbonnieres… are we going to have kids at the reception? What food should we eat? Will the speeches be before or after the main meal, and should we cut the cake later or earlier in the night? What music??? Will Grandma’s wheelchair have space? It’s never-ending … More WEDDING RECEPTIONS; What I’ve learnt after working at hundreds

A Big Few Months

I’ve put off writing for a few months, and I’m not going to lie and say it was because I’ve been busy… A harsh break up, several big Uni assignments, intensity at work, as well as happy things; my brother’s graduation, working in my DREAM environment (the maternity unit!), and getting the news that I … More A Big Few Months

The Difficult Topics.

Gay marriage.. Euthanasia… Vaccination.. Circumcision….. Religion. Why is it so difficult for us as humans to tackle these topics? Recently I was in a class that confronted these topics among relative strangers. We were given the task of conversing about them, and sharing our opinions, while being sensitive to others around us to avoid possibilities … More The Difficult Topics.